Julie Alvarez's Version of the DIY Menu Bottle

March 17, 2009  at 4:49 PM
I'm very happy to share with everyone this beautiful version of the DIY Menu Bottle that Julie Alvarez did sometime back in January 2009. She is a very talented crafter and photographer. It really thrills me to see others being inspired and coming up with their own great art. Lovely prints and fonts, Julie! Looking forward to see more of her works : )

Here's the link to the photo and her FLICKR page:

View the tutorial that inspired Julie Alvarez:
Do-It-Yourself Menu Bottle


Julie Alvarez said...

Thank you, thank you!!!
I am blushing now...
I featured this post as well on my blog (of course).

littlepinkpebble said...

your stuff is definitely inspiring~!!

Unknown said...

Thank you for your comment, your blog is very interesting.

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cheap prom dresses said...

Love this. Mind if I repost your images, (with credit, of course)? It fits right in with a recent blog that I did.

Anonymous said...

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