Do-It-Yourself Menu Bottle

December 25, 2008  at 1:37 PM
It's the holidays and what better way than to give your friends a home cooked feast for Christmas. Here is a very quick and simple tutorial on how you can use branches or twigs, some clay and a used glass bottle to create a special 'Menu Display' piece for the dining table.

We will be needing:
1. Dead branches or twigs
2. White clay
3. Used glass bottle (washed and cleaned dry)
4. Acrylic Paint (White or any colour that you prefer)
5. Permanent markers

Wash the branches and twigs then let dry under the sun. Once they are dry, give your artistic instincts a go at floral display. Stick some of your favourite twigs into the bottle and adjust until you are satisfied with the look of it. I've picked some different types and sizes of twigs, but only used the ones that I thought were more pretty to go with the bottle. So go on and try mixing and matching.

Now that we've chosen the perfect twigs, paint the glass bottle with the acrylic paint. Try using different colours, such as earth colours or a mix of warm colours. Get creative, but bear in mind the concept of what you are aiming to achieve. In this case, I've used white acrylic paint to balance with the earth tones of my home.

When the glass bottle is dry, put the twigs or branches back into the bottle. At this point, I've decided to decorate the twigs with some clay balls so that it would not look so bare. To make the clay balls, scoop a small amount of white clay and roll into little balls. Use a little water if the clay becomes too dry. Stick these clay balls onto the tips of the twigs or branches. Use a little white glue if you feel necessary. Let dry.

Delight your friends with a tantalizing menu written on a bottle. They will be very excited to see what's for lunch. Or dinner. Use permanent markers on the painted glass bottle. Be as creative as possible : ) Place your masterpiece on the dining table as a common menu and table display feature.

Here's what I've prepared for my friends.

Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year to you all : )

Hui En


Julie Alvarez said...

Happy new year.
I wanted to tell you that I made the menu bottle, and we are loving it!
I will show you pictures later.
Thanks for the idea.

Beru Betto said...

Hi Julie, Happy New Year!

You're most welcome and Wow, that's awesome. Can't wait to see the pictures : )

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