Beru Betto Commissioned Illustration for *SCAPE-KIT KAT 'Yer Big Break' Showcase 2011

April 11, 2011  at 9:28 PM
Hi all, I'd like to share a happy news : ) *SCAPE is currently working together with KIT KAT to select and profile 3 young visual artists who will create one piece of artwork each that will be shown on public buses and bags for the 'Yer Big Break' Showcase in 2011. And how lucky and fortunate I was to be one of the 3 selected artists! : ) It has been a really great experience working with nice peeps from KIT KAT, *SCAPE and creative agency, Contagious. It was their wonderful project that led me to create this illustration for their awesome showcase:

For the illustration, I created a dreamscape that reflects a strange and psychadelic world. The monsters and creatures are those that appear in my imagination while I am having my break and day dreaming. What taking a break means to me, is when I can really focus on expanding my imagination, and letting it take me far and beyond. The design was then adapted by the creative team at Contagious for the bus decals. I love how they used the illustration elements for the buses : ) Here's how the design turned out on the SBS buses here in Singapore:

And here's my modified design specially for the bags:

Yes, that's how it turned out : ) I love the white patent look of the bag! Will be posting more updates on this exciting project soon. Want to have your works showcased too? Here's the *SCAPE - 'Yer Big Break' Competition organized by *SCAPE and KIT KAT:

Find out more details about the competition and guidelines here:

*SCAPE - 'Yer Big Break' Competition

Do remember to submit before 20 June 2011! I wish you guys all the best! Have fun!

Toodles : )
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