Customized Sneaker: Nike SB Dunk Low

December 9, 2009  at 2:01 PM
Customizing sneakers is great fun! I'm referring to the part where you get to paint it. Everything before that is HARD WORK. My fingers almost came off! Thanks to my little cousin Hui En for helping to rub off the white waxy coat! Thank goodness her fingers are still intact : ) This pair of Nike SB Dunk Low was done for Hui En. I decided to give her sneaker a soft and sweet, earthy concept with just a little details that is not too complicated. I hope she likes it : )

Here's the two part tutorial on how to customize your kicks:

Sneaker Customizing Tutorial (Part 1)

Sneaker Customizing Tutorial (Part 2)

Hope you enjoyed this one. Toodles! : )

Hui En

What's In My Sketchbook {1}

November 15, 2009  at 12:05 PM

: )

Invitation to HP Mini by Studio Tord Boontje Event @ Bar 84

November 9, 2009  at 10:11 AM
Hi all! : ) I was very fortunate to have been invited to an exclusive event held at Gallery Hotel's cozy Bar 84 in Singapore for HP Mini, designed by the very awesome Tord Boontje himself. His works are mostly nature-inspired, rich in color and intricate details that are all very reflective in his designs for the HP Mini. Plus, the whole package is based on an environment-friendly concept! Ranging from product to installations to collaborations with Alexander McQueen, here are some of Tord Boontje's awe-inspiring works of art and design:

Aren't they amazing? I simply adore his works! Here's me (far right) with blogger Lay Hiang (second from left) and Tord Boontje! : )

You can view Lay Hiang's post on the event here. And the following photos here are some lovely shots taken by Joe Teh from TechieLobang - News, Tips & Tricks for that evening. Thanks Joe! Check out his cool blog and his post on the event : )

The gorgeous, intricate design on the HP Mini features the world’s first 3D PC Surface Technology – HP Imprint 3D that adds many layers and depth to the central design elements to give a very cool floating effect.

Here's a peak at some of the details on the exclusive umbrella that everyone got to take home with:

Grab it now if you're looking for something this pretty! : )

"Modernism does not mean minimalism, that contemporary does not foresake tradition and that technology does not abandon people and senses. The [Tord Boontje] Studio's designs often temper edges with softness, borrow inspiration from nature, and employ a decor of forms and layers to engage and entice an observer's imagination and emotions."

-Tord Boontje on design

Toodles! : )

DIY Toilet Roll Pixel Boy

November 5, 2009  at 3:32 PM
The next time you're thinking of throwing away that toilet roll away because it's already 'used', don't. Here is a tutorial for you and why you should keep these lovely little things. Hello, Toilet Roll Pixel Boy! Enjoy : )

We will need:

1. Toilet rolls
2. Acrylic Paint / Spray
3. Strong glue
4. Acrylic varnish (optional)

Yes, that's actually all you need! Firstly, download the templates for Toilet Roll Pixel Boy. As you've already guessed, it is a gigantic version of a 'pixel' character, using each toilet roll to represent one pixel. What I've made for my wall is a Panda Toilet Roll Pixel Boy. You can create your own character with this template or choose one of these famous characters to work on. There's Astro Boy, Doraemon and Elmo. See if you can spot some of the other famous characters that I have in the template : )

The Panda Toilet Roll Pixel Boy is really simple to make, and can be done in 3 easy steps. First, paint each toilet roll 'pixel' to the desired colour.

Next, arrange and glue them together at the edges with a strong glue (see above diagram). Lastly, varnish (optional) and hang it up on your wall.

It's that simple! Hope you have enjoyed this one. Now start collecting your used toilet rolls and you will see the results : )



OMY Singapore Blog Awards 2009 Pajamas Event & DIY Robot Mobile Phone Holder!

September 19, 2009  at 10:50 AM
Today's entry is going to be quite a long one, but I can assure you, the following images and videos will surely stir some commotion. Behold: The Singapore Blog Awards 2009 Pajamas Event! : D

The award ceremony for the Singapore Blog Awards 2009, was held at swanky Supperclub with Minister for Foreign Affairs, George Yeo as the guest of honour. Performers for the night included Chinese instrumentalist group, The TENG Company and singer, Chen Diya.

Here's a video of The TENG Company in their awesome performance at the event:

Firstly, I would like to congratulate Laokokok for winning the award for the Best Individual Blog category. Keep up the good work on your blog, Laokokok! : ) And also congrats to those who won the other categories : )

Laokokok is really erm..... Lao Kok Kok (old dude) : )

Winning finalists' blogs can be seen here:

Here are some wacky pictures from the event:

This is Hock Chuan looking sexy and fabulous in his PJs.

The very adorable QiuQiu in her very pink get up : )

Wild- Mistevious Stevie (second from left) and Fauzi Rassull (far right) : )

Fellow Individual Blog Finalist Gordonator : )

Royston Tan and FM Music were there too : )

Here's the article and vodcast of some of the pajamas quirks:

穿上性感睡衣 bloggers炒热派对气氛

Well, guess who won the Best Dressed prizes : )

From top left:
Best Dressed 1-Fauzi Rassull
Best Dressed 2-Me : )
Best Dressed 3-Yutaki
Best Dressed 4-QiuQiu
Best Dressed 5-Mistevious Stevie

I also met the lovely Leonny from Our Everyday Things. Do check out her wonderful blog : )

And Minister for Foreign Affairs, George Yeo received a hand-crafted gift from me:

And here's a really simple tutorial on how to make your own Do-It-Yourself Robot Mobile Phone Holder : )

For the Robot we will be needing:

1. Cardboard (thick)
2. Corrugated Cardboard
3. Acrylic paint
4. Plastic tube (optional)
5. Acrylic varnish (optional)
6. Penknife
7. Strong glue

For the gift box / packaging:

1. Cardboard (thick)
2. Carpet grass
3. Acrylic paint
4. Acrylic varnish (optional)
5. Nice ribbon
6. Penknife
7. Strong glue

Here is the digital mock up of the Robot which I did before making it. Let's do OMY Robot 01 : )

Starting with the Robot head, measure and cut out rectangular pieces from the thick cardboard. Glue them together but leave the top of the head uncovered. This is the part where we have to create a slot for the mobile phone. For the slot, cut out more cardboard and glue them together so that they look like a holder.

Follow the same cut and glue method for the body, but leave some allowance for the tank wheels later on. Glue the head and body together.

For the tank wheels, cut out round edged rectangles (2 for each tank wheel), then close up with the corrugated cardboard. Repeat for the other tank wheel.

Glue the Robot parts together and start painting over with acrylic paint. In this case I only painted the head, and the body. Then, glue on the eyes and mouth. These can be any sort of material. I used felt wool squares for the eyes and cardboard with red paint for the mouth.

Add a plstic tube to its head when all the paint is dry (optional). There you have it, your very own Robot Mobile Phone Holder : )

If this is a gift for someone, you could also make an outstanding gift box by using simple materials and easy steps. Here's how:

Cut out the cardboard in the shape of a box but leave one side open so that the receiver can take out your gift easily. You can glue the sides of the cardboard with carpet grass (optional), and then glue the cardboard together. Paint the outsides of the box with acrylic paint and then varnish (optional).

And there you go, a very sweet and simple gift box : ) I've added a triangular cardboard for the OMY logo in this case. You could on your own, add nice stickers or words. Then finish up with a lovely ribbon.

Hope you've enjoyed this tutorial : )


Special thanks to Pearly, Catherine, Andy and Flora : )
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