Beru Betto & Other Artists Featured @ NOISE House Exhibits for Youth Olympic Games 2010!

August 20, 2010  at 1:06 PM
Hi all! Come join in the awesome NOISE exhibits and concerts around Singapore! Beru Betto has been featured along with other awesome artists from Singapore in this massive exhibit island-wide! Do drop by to check out the fantastic showcases and concerts! : )

"Designed in the concept of a youth living space, Noise Singapore brings arts into your life! Drop by and make yourself at home during the Singapore 2010 Youth Olympic Games period. The creative movement starts here!"

For NOISE Exhibits:
*SCAPE Youth Park (old): 14-23 Aug, 10am-9pm
Bugis Junction (level 1, near the water fountain): 14-26 Aug, 11am-9pm
Raffles Place (above the mrt station): 16-20 Aug, 10am-7pm
ION Orchard (level 1, external): 17-22 Aug, 11am-9pm
Changi Airport (terminal 3, near departure hall row 11): 18-23 Aug, 11am-10pm

For NOISE Concerts:
*SCAPE Youth Park (old): 15-18 Aug, 7pm-8pm
Bugis Junction (level 1, near the water fountain): 19 Aug, 7pm-9.30pm
Raffles Place Park(above the mrt station): 20 Aug, 12pm-2.30pm
Raffles City: 18 Aug, 7.30pm-10pm
National Library Building: 22 Aug, 3.30pm-6.30pm
Marina Square: 21 Aug, 6.30-10pm
Jurong Regional Library: 15 Aug, 4pm-6.30pm

For NOISE Arts Performances:
Suntec International Convention & Exhibition Centre: 24-25 Aug, 12pm-7pm

Here are some photos from the *Scape Youth Park exhibit. Enjoy! To view more pictures check out the full album (on Beru Betto's Facebook Fan Page) here:

Facebook Photos from NOISE Exhibits for YOG 2010

Here's what the customized glass bottles look like with light sticks in it! Check out the tutorial here:

Customized Glass Bottle Chandeliers for NOISE HOUSE Exhibition 2010!

Submisson for Wonderful World of Water

August 16, 2010  at 7:28 PM
PUB and Yolk have tied up to create Wonderful World of Water to bring this message to people in Singapore: Everyone's help is neeeded to keep our waterways waterbodies clean, so that we can all enjoy a vibrant landscape created by active and beautiful waterways! The site showcases a fun art competition to design artwork for the drain covers all around Singapore. And I have just submitted mine : )

"Here's your chance to design artwork for our drain covers! Submit your designs by 2nd August 2010 and let our panel of judges select the top drain cover designs. Thereafter, members of the public can also vote for their favourite designs online. Get your fans, friends and family online to vote for your designs. The most voted designs will win incredible prizes and an opportunity for their creations to be displayed on drain covers for all to appreciate."

I will be updating about the voting details here soon, so do stay tuned : ) Meanwhile here is the gorgeous website and my submission for the competition:

I hope you like it :D Here's a shoutout to everyone: Do take part in this wonderful art competition and send in your awesome designs soon and stand a chance for your works to be on the covers of our drains! : ) I wish you all the best! : )

Beru Betto Featured on U-Weekly Magazine

August 4, 2010  at 9:52 AM
Beru Betto has been featured on Singapore's U-Weekly Magazine's DIY Supplement! The feature is in Chinese, and translated, the DIY Supplement would read: '23 DIY Tips', and 'Home DIY'. The DIY supplement also showcases other very awesome works by Mark Tay! So you've got to purchase a copy (Number 242) of this soon to check out other very interesting DIY stuff! Big thanks to YieYeng from U-Weekly who did a wonderful job translating the instructions from my blog, and for the wonderful picture layouts! It looks great, I love it! : )

Customized Glass Bottle Chandeliers for NOISE HOUSE Exhibition 2010!

July 10, 2010  at 6:24 PM
Hello all! Year 2010 has been full of surprises and this one is another one that I would like to share with everyone : ) I was invited by National Arts Council Singapore and Original Media Pte Ltd to be part of the upcoming NOISE House Exhibition 2010 happening in August! For the upcoming event, there are 2 teams of commissioned artists; a team designing Crates and the other team designing Bottles. Team Crates would have their works crafted into shelving units and Team Bottles would have their bottles made into a chandelier! And yes, I'm in Team Bottles, and it's 10 glass bottles to work on! So here's a simple tutorial on how to design and customize your own glass bottles, and turn them into gorgeous light chandeliers : )

We will need:
1. Glass Bottles (the ones that were provided were from IKEA)
2. Glass paint (I'm using Marabu Decor Glass Paint)
3. Permanent Markers
4. Varnish
5. Brushes
6. Other miscellaneous materials

For the purpose of this project, I have to use a paint that will allow the light stick to shine through, in order for it to be a sufficient source of lighting. So before I started painting, I tested out different paints on the glass bottle. Below is an image of the different paints and markers I used. Acrylic doesn't stay well on glass, and neither does the light pass through it well. My poster paint Sharpie Poster Marker doesn't stick very well either (you probably need to use the permanent ink ones). Glass paint turned out to be the solution as it stays well on glass (doesn't rub off easily) and it allows light to shine through.

How to paint: I first used black glass paint to outline the drawing, and then waited for about half an hour to start filling in the gaps with other colours. I used a brush to paint. It's a little slippery, especially painting on a curved surface, so you have to keep practicing to get used to it. If you happen to have painted wrongly or want to take off the paint, just use good old nail polish remover. It works like magic! Let dry and paint over the second coat if desired. Dry again for about an hour and then varnish with Marabu Colourless Varnish. Be careful while varnishing, and try to varnish only on the areas where you painted the bottle, because the varnish tends to leave a colourless stain if you apply it on the unpainted areas.

For this set of 10 bottles, I decided to go with a cute and simple design that represents some of the different elements of nature, in my own warped version of course : ) Here are the 10 bottles:

I hope you like them : ) As you can see, I used other materials to fill in the bottles. I have things like crumpled coloured paper, felt, cotton wool and natural dried moss. So get creative and figure out how you'd like to design your bottles.. you can use any materials you want! Here are the 10 individual bottles for you to have a closer view. Enjoy : )

Oh yes, I will be posting pictures of how the glass bottles turn out to look like with light sticks in it, and also show you the other awesome bottle and crate designs done by other commissioned artists. So do stay tuned for upcoming updates about the Glass Bottle Chandeliers in August!


The Amazing Art Shuttle - Weekly Art Classes

June 15, 2010  at 4:35 PM
Hello everyone! I'm now teaching weekly art and craft classes at The Amazing Art Shuttle's Dhoby Ghaut Branch in Singapore, located at the Singapore Shopping Centre, #04-08. It's gonna be filled with lots of fun art and craft classes! Do sign up now and join in the fun! : )

The Amazing Art Shuttle - June 2010 Art Workshops

June 1, 2010  at 8:00 PM
Hi all, I've been very insanely busy again these few months. Will reveal what I'm busy working on in a few weeks time : ) In the meantime here's introducing a very awesome and creative art and craft centre for kids in Singapore: The Amazing Art Shuttle, founded by my friend Lena Lok. Here's her philosophy on teaching kids:

There is no "right" or "wrong" in Art. Art is a process, not a product and with the right guidance, children will come to realize that Art can be so much more than just drawing and painting.

Yes, how very true indeed : ) Do check out the The Amazing Art Shuttle's Facebook Page to view the latest news and updates. To all the parents in Singapore, you've got to let your kids try out at this amazing place! There are other branches besides the Dhoby Ghaut one, so please do check out for more here.

And as for the month of June, I've been invited to guest teach at the Dhoby Ghaut branch in Singapore. Oh yes! Starting from 7th June, I will be conducting 3 art workshops at The Amazing Art Shuttle (Dhoby Ghaut branch), and will cover fun and interesting lessons ranging from painting and drawing to clay moulding and painting, and of course, eco craft creations : ) Here are the posters and details for the June Holidays Art Workshops:

Beru Betto Featured on NOISE Singapore Festival Showcase Exhibition 2010

February 27, 2010  at 1:25 PM

Beru Betto is featured once again! : )This time, on The NOISE Singapore Festival Showcase, which showcases the diverse artistic talents of the youths of Singapore in the creative fields of Art & Design, Music and Photography. What's interesting about this year's showcase is that they've also come up with souvenirs that you can purchase: cool Tee-shirts, mugs, and customized canvas Vans bearing the designs from some of the NOISE Singapore artists! You can view some sneaks of the exhibition from Mohd Hisham's Blog.

Here's a peek at the gorgeous catalog : )

Event Details:

Date: 26 Feb – 10 Mar
Time:11 a.m. to 9:30 p.m. daily
Venue: Raffles City Shopping Centre Level 3

Be sure not to miss it! : )
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